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The PayPal scammer got me. The bank (I asked to freeze account) halted the account. But they wanted phone and PC certified as clean. Iwas planning on getting a new PC so I bought one. Also bought a 250gb SanStick. I plan to transfer via it in increments. Will use CDP format.

When I arrived home I looked at the stick and did not recognize the cable port. Does anybody know the cable type - San Disk to PC?

If I had Best Buy clean the old PC There was possibly some file issues later. Very old "souped up" pc anyhow - time to go.
You may have to be more specific on the San Disk model. Google did not really show a "SanStick" In general, they use some type of USB port, I believe, A, B, or C depending on the actual model. But even then, there can be Mini A, Mini B, Micro C, Micro B, Male and Female. Every SanDisk stick I have used has had a standard USB-A Male Port that plugs directly into a PC USB port. Some newer higher-speed ones might use USB-C, as that is becoming the new standard. My PC only has one USB-C type port, so some older PCs may not have any at all. It is a smaller, reversible oval shaped port. Many new cell phones also use USB-C. If your PC does not have a USB-C type port, you may have to get a USB-C female to USB-A male cable. That could result in slower than optimal speeds however.
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