Upgraded a graphic card in the PC order to play TANE.


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Hi Trainz Members,

As an experiment instead of purchasing a new computer for about AUD $1500 dollars I decided to replace a:
NVidia GT 710 graphics card (1 gigabyte) with a NVidia GT 730 version with (2 gigabytes) of DDR3 ram for AUD $99 dollars.

Amazingly the performance of the TANE product is now a lot better, and a huge improvement noticed in the graphics of trains and scenery.

My question is:
Is it possible to monitor the frame rate of the GPU on the full screen display whilst the TANE with SP4 is running in driver mode?

Some Train Simulators like the Steam Dovetail Games Trainsim 2020 version you can do a SHIFT + Z will display the frame rate in the top right corner of the screen.

Monitoring the frame rate is important when finding the best combination to setup in the graphic card setup.

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Settings > "Developer" (top of panel) > Show Profiler

Launch game in windowed mode and leave half inch or so on left side of screen for the profiler window showing fps.

A better solution of in game display is msiafterburner app which puts fps and other info right on game screen or lots of info on a second monitor if you have one.
Thanks for the reply 1611mac,

I downloaded the msiafterburner app for the graphics card as recommended and works well.

The software allows one to monitor the graphic conditions both in a window and full screen mode.
GPU temperature, GPU memory usage, GPU frame rates, CPU temperature, CPU clock frequencies, PC Ram usage etc.

Very handy when running all my train simulators.

Using the installed 2 gigabyte graphics card the memory averaged about 900 megabytes of usage,
However on bigger layouts like the freeware Cornish Mainline and Branches route averaged about 1450 megabytes of GPU ram.

PC system ram average usage was 4500 megabytes on the bigger layouts.

Also fitted an extra cooling fan inside the PC to reduce GPU temperature averaging about 60 degrees Celsius down to 45 degrees Celsius in game mode.

An Excellent tool for tuning up the PC without the need of overclocking.

Mike Davies