Unusual Sight


Keepin it on the rails!
i was heading out of Niagra falls,toward hamilton(in my car) and i spotted,on a bridge,a cn freight train,noting unusual,but the thing is,the middle loco(three locos)was a UP loco!

EDIT: to me its unusual because i barely ever see trains and i want to go to a yard sometime
I think CN and UP have some sort of deal. When I'm traveling to see family in southern Arizona I sometimes see a CN or NS loco mixed in with the UP.

:cool: Claude
Living on a mainline in Pennsylvania.....

Living on a mainline in Pennsylvania it is not unusual to see power for all kinds of railroads on the NS pittsburgh line. The main reason is the locomotive shops in Altoona build new and rebuild locomotives for other railroads too. The most interesting picture I have is a coal drag with three or four Alaska locos in the lead on the NS Pittsburgh line.:cool:

NS I believe also leases power from other railroads too.