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Hi I'm new here and need some help. I'm doing my tutorials and i'm on 5 working in the yard (realistic mode). I'm at the part were it wants me to go to the warehouse but I can't fine it. Help! please.​
Which version of Trainz are you using. In my copy of TS12 there are only 4 tutorials, so not sure which tutorial you are referring to. Maybe a bit more information would make it easier to provide you with assistance.
Since you are on an apple and I us M$Windoz, our versions of trainz are probably different, and I can not suggest anything to assist you. But it would still be helpful to anyone else here to know exactly which version of TRAINZ you are using, not just your computer's operating system. Realize that there are probably fewer apple users than Windoz users and therefore probably fewer people who can try to duplicate your problem, and therefore help you.
I see that 50 people have read this post but no help.
A lot of users on this forum will not help you without having a game registered to your account.
Compare the empty grey line next to your name to that of others; if you would have a game registered it would show there.

If Mac, iPad or other device, be sure to use the same account in your game as you are using on the forum.