Turntables, Input Table Rule and Commands


New member
My current turntables all operate in AI correctly, using the correct script in the Input Table and the Move Turntable command. However, since adding further turntables, and names to the existing Input Table, I have lost the ability to access the Move Turntable command (although it is made available in the drop down list)- it does not show the adjacent second menu of turntable names, even the ones that are still working in AI. The existing Move Turntable commands are in the existing locomotive Drive Schedules in AI, and work, but I cannot add any more Move Turntable commands to new locomotives or turntables.
Anyone come across this before and have a solution please.
John (TRS12)
I believe that your problem relates to the fact the one or more of you recent entries in the Input table are not correctly entered. Carefully check the table entries for, . , insted of, , , spaces where not rquired, turntable actual name is same as that in the route.
Hi JackDownUnder
Thanks - I found that just one of my new turntable entries had a full stop, rather than a comma, in the Input Table - hence the entire Table crashed! A lesson I have now learnt is to be so precise with these rules!
Thanks again