TTZ WIP Screenshots

lmao you complained that no one would give you legit advice and i gave it to you. take it or leave it but have fun making mediocre reskins then, what i told you is like a baseline standard for all reskins but hey feel free to go against the grain and do worse

I never said I wouldn’t follow your advice, I didn’t like how you told it to me. Not everyone is going to understand you if all you do is take an issue and make a rude response to it.

As far as ‘mediocre reskins,’ tell that to the people who enjoy the fact that I am willing to share my abilities with the community. If I wanted to, I could shut TTZ down right now and no one would be able to download my stuff for Trainz. Remember, it is freeware. You get what you get. Do I see anyone complaining about the stuff uploaded to the DLS? If I was running a payware store and selling stuff for $5 a piece, I’d take the time and effort to make sure everything is just fine and dandy for the rivet counters and the critics.

TL;DR What you said was perfectly fine advice, but I saw the negativity in your post and thought of that. I will fix the logos on my reskins, and redo the skins. I still have several months before I plan on releasing anything. I’ll admit I overreacted a bit there.
Everyone, as you all may know, N3V is restricting what scripts can and cannot be installed to your game. It is a welcome change, but sites like mine may be in grave danger. I have no idea how to fix up scripts (if there are any issues), and if my stuff becomes dead in the water because of this restricting of compliance, I do not know what I will do with Timetable Trainz. Hopefully, no issues arise and I will continue to operate as normal.
I am really hoping that JCitron was mistaken in his comment that CM would be affected. It is one thing for N3V to tighten restrictions on uploads to DLS, but if they truly start enforcing it on CM, then everyone with old content (which is pretty much everyone, I believe), is going to get thrown into the same morass of faulty assets at once. I understand Kotangagirl's concerns, as she and others still create for TS12 or other older versions, and the new rule could well keep them from uploading their creations to DLS. But I think you should be safe with a third-party site like TTZ, or every third-party site is going to face the same dilemma. No one will be able to upload any third-party content to their own CM. I really hope Tony is smart enough to realize what headaches N3V would cause for EVERY Trainz user and EVERY third-party site!
EDIT: And I HOPE this does not Hijack your fine thread! There should be plenty of threads on this upcoming!
It won't hijack my thread, its good to see other's viewpoints on the situation. I'll continue to post shots of my new reskins.