TS12 Pre-SP1 Downloads


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I was just wondering if anyone else was having download issues with their TS12 Pre-SP1 install. Is this part of the shortsighted support drop of older versions?
It depends on the downloads - the most recent ones cannot be downloaded by pre-SP1 users. You would have a hard case to convince N3V to change it though as they are still supporting TS12, just not pre-SP1.

As of now, in my Pre-SP1 install, cannot download anything. Does this mean that I need to buy a FCT for a version that is supposed to be still supported (according to N3V's timeline)?
It's cropped up through the latest maintenance works. Unfortunately, users won't have much of a leg to stand on as TS12 SP1 (which is still TS12) is still being supported so N3V are still keeping to their word regarding support.

Well, no, not really. Saying that TS12 still has support entails that ALL builds will have that same support. To do anything less wouldn't be support for TS12, it would be support for a specific build of TS12, which is not entirely what they listed, since they said that TS12 as a whole would be supported until a date after the release of TANE.
Actually, pre-SP1 users would absolutely have a leg to stand on because N3V claims in their own lifecycle policy that TS12 is supported. No mention was made in advance (or even now, on their lifecycle page or in the product marketing materials) that they would suddenly differentiate based on patch level, which they haven't done before.
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It looks like there's some confusion about uploads vs downloads.

We have ceased support for uploading content below v3.7.

We have not done anything which would prevent downloads.

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Just want to point out that my TS12 SP1 is still fine for downloading but my pre-SP1 build is refusing to download anything, which mirrors the status of my TS10 install, as it's still connected to the internet and all that.
@Windwalkr, I have tried downloading with TS12 Sp1 to no avail. I cannot download manually either. Is there something wrong with DLS?