TRS2004 Intro Video

My late cat Lily would come running when she heard the intro music playing to watch the aliens. Every time I see this, I think of her.
Well Dark Reign was 1997, and its sequel came out in 2000, so it was getting to be old already in 2004 - even if I had never head of it before this thread.
I got Trainz 2004 when it came out and I don't remember that.
It played during the install and then again during the start of the game but you could disable it as I did. It gave you something to watch during the very long load time of TRS2004.
I think that was done in the trainzoptions.txt file by adding the line: = Introdisable or something like that. I never did because my cat used to watch the intro.

There is my current one that I use. I spent a lot of time tweaking this file.