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I have a question about the possibility of a Trainz route centered around Cologne/Koln Germany (Frankfurt-Koln, Koln-Dusseldorf, and/or maybe Frankfurt-Dortmund) and are there any routes currently in development having to do with that area?

Every time I tried searching for Trainz routes on Google, I always get bombarded with Dovetail Games TS stuff because they've already made more routes centered around Cologne in both TS and TSW. Of course MSTS got it first ("Wupper Express" and "NBS Koln-Frankfurt" freeware + the ProTrain MSTS stuff) before DTG TS made more and even Zusi 3 made their versions, but I'm not sure about the current status of any Trainz project related to Cologne. The U-Bahn Frankfurt route for Trainz is Frankfurt related, but not related to the two rail lines connecting Cologne. I can say the Koln related routes are the somehow like the German equivalent of the full Northeast Corridor route (DC-Boston, USA) which is more likely in both MSTS/Open Rails and DTG TS/TSW. As for Trainz, the only thing I know is that manfredkrause made some scenery items unique to those routes (some, not all) such as Koblenz HBF and Koln HBF on the DLS, but I'm not sure if these are also for a German route he could be making or maybe he's not doing it, but I did email him a while back and I didn't get any response about the said buildings.

However, I do see a ton of vehicles and rolling stock for routes like Frankfurt-Koln such as the ICEs for the high speed line, the Regio EMUs and freight trains for the old mainline, and even the drivable airliners for Frankfurt Airport (If anyone goes that far to including them). I'm not sure if the Frankfurt-Koln would be as popular as the other German routes in train simulation community as a whole, even outside of Germany. If anyone knows anything related to the Cologne/Koln based routes, please let me know.

Update 8/3/2021: I found out that Manfred Krause had health problems and passed away last year from looking at a few threads on Trainz.DE regarding to the newly released Eifelquerbahn (by Rastino) on the DLS. I'm still keeping this thread up for anyone to bump it anytime. My condolences to Manfred Krause and thank you for your contributions to the Trainz community!
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