Trainz and laws of physics


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Hi there,

I'm a pure dabbler, but I have a lot of fun building routes with improbably steep hills and sending trains up them using the drive command (I'm too much of a dummy to do much else). Normally the trains ignore all laws of physics and happily run up a steep hill just as easily as they would run on flat terrain. I've been doing this for a long time now, most recently with Trainz 22.

But now, the laws of physics suddenly apply and my trains won't drive themselves up steep hills. You might say there's a bit of justice in that, but I prefer my fantasy world where they used to handle it fine! Is there a setting that I can use to go back to the previous situation? Just to clarify - I'm talking about the drive command and not any manual control. Many thanks.
Generally, still today DCC mode, aka "Easy mode" as it's called today allows for a more generous control of the trains much like a model railroad but as you noticed, AI driven and Cab control not so much. I have had AI get stuck on steep slopes and tight curves, forcing me to make changes in my operations and in some instances adjust the curvature on my old route where the tracks worked perfectly fine in older versions but don't do so well any longer.
Yes I think i'll have to do the same. it's weird because my route worked fine until recently.....but a chance to rebuild anyway.