Trainz 2022, Trainz 2022 Platinum vs. Trainz +



Just wondering what the differences / advantages there are between Trainz 2022 or Trainz 2022 Platinum compared with Trainz +

Please let me know.


Fred Bray
TRS22 is the base version.
TRS22 Platinum is in between with Surveyor 2.0, HD terrain support (read-only), and a bunch of DLC.
Trainz + Gold is all the DLC, full editing in HD Terrain, Surveyor 2.0, access to new versions, betas, prerelease DLC, and an FCT. This is a subscription.
Trainz + standard doesn't have the DLC but has the other features of Trainz +.

Hope this helps.
This page have a good comparison chart on it.

I already have Trainz + Standard so the only step up would be to Trainz + Gold.

Thanks for the info.

Fred Bray
N3V should offer discounts on version upgrades for those people who purchased TRS22 previously and now want to upgrade to the Plus version. The caveat would be the purchase of the previous version would need to be at least so many weeks before.

Modartt does that with their Pianoteq software. People can upgrade from one version to another for a small cost. I recently upgraded from Pianoteq Pro to Pianoteq Pro Bundle. The bundle means all the various presets are included without an additional purchase when they come out instead of purchasing each one separately. This cost me $129 instead of $899. Pricing out the individual presets separately at $55 would've cost about $350.

With this in mind, upgrading from TRS22 to Platinum should be $30 instead of purchasing a full new product at $70 for example.