Train Wrecks, Accidents and Crashes

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I was waiting for that train about a mile west at Halsted and Lake that night. After an hour or so the westbound platform was so crowded there was no room to move, and every westbound Lake Street bus was immediately jammed as soon as the doors opened. I ended up walking 3 blocks east to the C&NW station, took the commuter train (also jammed because no westbound Ls running) to Oak Park, then back east on the L from Harlem. Usually got home from work around 6:30PM, that night it was around 10:00PM. Not sure when they finally got the jam untangled, but someone finally figured out they could reroute the Lake/Dan Ryan trains down Wells and Van Buren while the mess at Lake and Wabash was being cleaned up.
I seriuosly doubt that he broke the rail himself. It weren't hiz fault !

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And i didnt say that he broke the rails himself!if he did it,The rozers will be up his Butt for Sabotage!
he said that it was the Money worth going on that Trip and i told him that was SARCASM he is Using
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