TNI Participants


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I have a few questions:

Are we allowed to know who else is participating in TNI?
Is collaboration allowed? For example, checking others' code (peer review) which might reduce the load on N3V.
If collaboration is allowed, must we use the forum or can we privately e-mail each other? Questions via this forum are probably best but sharing code for checking or other purposes is problematic.

Currently, I have no requirement to do any of this but I thought I would ask. :)
You can obviously see who is posting in this forum, if that's what you mean?

TNI itself is a public topic, and you can collaborate all you like.

This forum in particular is private, so don't go re-posting elsewhere comments that people might make on this forum.

The test builds will be private, don't distribute them to other people, and don't talk about what they contain beyond the walls of this forum. If you're a beta-tester or trainzdev member then there will be some amount of overlap with things you are seeing elsewhere, so don't consider the rules here from preventing you from doing the usual thing there, but also don't get confused between those groups and this forum.