Thomas the Train at Florida Railroad Museum - WARNING BIG PICTURE

Located in Parrish Florida USA, the Florida Rail Road Museum or FRRM, proudly announces Thomas The Tank Engine for two weeks. April 17th through April the 25th. Charley Belcher reports on FOX 13 News Tampa.

Thomas The Train at FRRM.jpg

Our team will be going both weekends to document the event.
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The original Rev. Awdry 'Railway Series' books I used to read to my children when they were small mention a 'Thomas the Tank Engine', - so what's this Thomas the Train nonsense?
I watched a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine with my son when he was young. When we started Ringo Starr was the narrator. Eventually he was replaced by George Carlin. We both got a great kick out of the stories and the way they animated the model trains. My son is now 30, and I think he still watches them online.
Sorry, I'm new to anything Thomas. This is new for me so I'm learning on this subject.

I didn't mean to be harsh, but somehow with the increase in numbers of folk who don't know the difference between a 'steam engine' and a 'train' Thomas began to be called Thomas the Train which is just plain wrong. Same goes for ignorant people who call a railway station a 'train station', or an engine driver a 'train driver' it just plain annoys me.

Nice replica of Thomas by the way. If my children had seen that when they were young they would have been absolutely delighted.

And Forester I used to watch Thomas the Tank Engine with my children. I always thought the series with Ringo Starr as the narrator was the best. My daughter is now 38 and my son is 36, - my how time flies.
Ah yes the Florida Railroad Museum. This is the place I finally got to cross off the #1 thing on my bucket list, to operate a steam locomotive.



One of the greatest experiences of my life.