this is a test post

Well ... You have successfully succeeded in making a totally pointless thread post ... Yes ... you really CAN post wurdz on a Forum page, YES, it iz werkin' !

You should make a "Test Schweenshot" thread post, and see if an image actually get displayed here :cool:
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This is a test word......ABRACADABBRA.........Dam nothing happened.

ADDED TEXT, 5 minutes gone by still nobody has done my work.:(

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Dear zectest,

this is your first mail to the forum, as we could see. Welcome to the to the Trainz-community and the forum!
Don't feel offended by some answers - once in a while our dear fellow-trainzers like to tease ...
Now you started your first (test) mail in our forum you see it is working. So if you have a question/problem about Trainz come back with your question to the forum.
Many greetings

But is it upright and absolutely vertical? Will it have attachment points so we can add warning signs, will it be hollow inside so we can have illuminated signs on top? So many questions spring to mind.

Cheerio John
I think we should keep this thread, maybe just to use as something purely off topic and laid back. Maybe it will help keep the other threads on topic more