The search for a Melbourne W2/SW2 and other tram assets


The Broken Brilliance
Afternoon, all

Any longtime residents of Seattle and Western Washington here in general may remember the former George Benson Waterfront Streetcar line in downtown, and the handful of modified W2 Class trams bought from Melbourne that ran on it up until the very last day (for me growing up here, those were the greatest).


Does anyone here know of any Melbourne W2 class trams or general tram structures (tracks, overhead, stations, etc) for trainz? I'm planning on making a Seattle Waterfront route, and should I end up finding enough resources to get a strong foothold on the route, I'll make an official post in the freeware announcements.

Been there, done that. There was one fellow that had a working model of them, and he has since disappeared. I'll look through my email and see if I can track down his Account name again (Never could find his Real name, tried for 2 months to contact him, nothing came back. Name was something like "Tramjobby" or something, Tram Something anyway).

4th Ave Looking North just south of Jackson St:


Viaduct Mostly Finished, but haven't worked much more on the waterfront due to lack of appropriate buildings:


I have since had Assets for the old style Concrete "Handrails" along the viaduct and those have been installed as well as the Barriers along the Side. Im missing a decent way to do the on/off ramps at Seneca and Western, but those won't be overly visible from the Mainline (Which is in a tunnel at that point). I do have track down along Elliot from where the old Barn was (Now Paul Allen's Sculpture Garden... I get so tired of rich people with more money then sense....), all the way up to the old 90's Terminus on 5th & Jackson, but no Centenaries in place. And of course no Stations, have yet to find ANYTHING even close to approximating those.....

Trammiejono, that was the fella's name. Found an old PM I sent him. He posted alot here when he was active. He was on another forum as well, but I can't remember what one. He posted pics of working W2's. He was all about Australian Trams. IIRC you can still download some of his work somewhere, but of course he never finished the W2's, sigh.

Did some further digging and found this:

May have been W5's he was working on, but pretty decent stand in regardless. I looked into all of this a year ago or so. But you can see the similarities.

But yea. As much as I'd like to see a working Seattle, between school and work atm, I haven't had much time to dedicate to plinking down objects. Also hard to keep it going with a lack of suitable buildings for the Waterfront. I've downloaded and used an incredible number of buildings just to accomplish the south end of Downtown, and barely scratched the surface of the city. SoDo and the areas of Georgtown around the Mainline are probably about 20-25% done scenary wise, but the quasi-industry down there is frustrating as hell to model. There really aren't that many decent industrial buildings (to my standards) available that I can use in the spaces I have to fill. Mostly, of the decent models out there, they tend to be too big, Ironically enough. Probably perfect for Detroit or Cleaveland, but not very good for the Narrow spaces of Seattle.

Pike Place Market and the area directly around it have specifically stymied me in my efforts to model it. I have a better model of the Seattle Steam Company then I do of the Market itself, and forget all the wood/brick repurposed warehouses around it..... I've floated the idea to content creators around here before and been turned down.

Anyway, probably more then you were looking for, but the fact that you're reskinning SD60s lends some credibility in my mind to your aspersions, and would definitely be interested in continuing efforts to model Seattle.

I'm not looking to make a working seattle. At least not yet. The focus of this for me is purely the Waterfront Streetcar, and one day if I'm pleased with how it turned out I may add more. Tume's creations have already proven that it can be done