The Railrodder


Holder of a broom
I recently discovered this piece of film that dates back to 1965. It apparently was made by "The National Film Board of Canada" with Buster Keaton as the star. The movie is 25 minutes long, which is way to much for my regular YouTube concentration timespan. Not a word is spoken, which also usually doesn't help to keep me focused. Yet this one somehow kept me interested, likely due to the absurd humor and, obviously, the fact that it has something to do with trains (and as a side interest Canada).

As "the railrodder", Keaton crosses Canada from east to west on a railway track speeder. True to Keaton's genre, the film is full of sight gags as our protagonist putt-putts his way to British Columbia. Not a word is spoken throughout, and Keaton is as spry and ingenious at fetching laughs as he was in the old days of the silent slapsticks.

So, if you are either interested in Canada, railroads, old movies or absurd humor, clear up 25 minutes of free space in your agenda and enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, oknotsen!

I'm a bit short on time this morning, but this looks like a fun watch. I'll have to come back to it tonight.

I'm going to guess the uploader doesn't allow the video to be embedded. That is an option when uploading to YouTube.