The Great Lakes, Mississippi Valley, & Gulf of Mexico


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Okay, here goes. I am wanting to take a railroad I built in Railroad Tycoon, and recreate it in Trainz 12. I know I am looking at maybe years worth of work. I guess what I am really asking is it even possible to build something this large in Trainz. The Great Lakes, Mississippi Valley, & Gulf of Mexico starts in Mobile, AL goes thru Montgomery, Birmingham, where it splits to Memphis, Tn and Huntsville, AL. From Memphis to runs along the Mississippi River to St. Louis, MO, then turns north east to Springfield, Il and Chicago. the line going to Huntsville, Al continues on thru Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Gary, and rejoins the western main at Chicago. From there it ran on to Milwaukee, Green Bay, and ends at Ste. Saint Marie, MI. That comes out to around 2200 plus or minus miles depending which side of the split at Chicago and Birmingham. Or should I just work on smaller sections and not try and make one huge route.
If you built it to scale and as one route, no. Ether your computer, or Trainz, would crash and burn.

How ever, if you split it to maybe 100+ mile routes, then you could do it. But running 2200 miles in Trainz would be supper boring, put you over your 12 hours, and would be impossible for one operator to keep up to speed with every thing. (industry switching wise)
JIb228 thank you for the quick reply. I was afraid if I tried it would do something like that. But if I do it in Modules from City to city I should be okay, or that is what I am getting from your reply.
Do it in chunks of 100 or so miles at a time. Many people model one set subdivision or even part of a subdivision.
Or do not do it on real scale.

A common practice is to take the long stretches and build them on less than 1/3 of the distance. Makes the long stretches less boring and the route more doable.

Aks yourself: Does it have to be a 100% match or is "the right feeling" close enough? I doubt you made "the real thing" in Railroad Tycoon. If so, you can just let your fantasy get wild, end up with a route of a few hundred miles yet still have what you had in mind.

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Thank you for the responses, I am sorry for the Green text, it is a habit from a VA I run as I always type in the Airline's colors there. I will continue to plan this out as I work on some other smaller projects. Right now I am building a Coal mine to Power Station line, and am trying to figure the best way to include getting Diesel to the Mines, with out adding oilfields and a refinery.
Better yet plan the route on paper. Write down the subdivision you are going to use. Between subdivision any part of the route that's to long to drive cut it short if there no industries to service and a good idea is to wait for tane to come out and make it on the new game simulator. One idea is get transdem to download elevation and topo maps make's building routes much easier.