The Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad Forum is open for business.


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Greetings fellow Trainzers. It gives me great pleasure to announce the creation of a forum expressly for the virtual version of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad. There are threads that tell you how to get the content, what to do with it after you download it, as well as threads that will help you if you run into difficulty. Please note, however, that the route is not quite ready for public release. Our Beta testers have been hard at work locating scenery glitches, session details, and other snags that every new route has. Our new target date is 14 March. The 29th of February would have been a great date, but that just didn't work out. We want to make sure that the route we present will be the best we can make it.

After you register, you will be able to post in any of the threads you wish. We hope you do, because this is the best way to get to know each other. The forum is located at this URL:

The first thing to do is take a look at the forum rules. Then, if you wish, click the Register button and enter the world of the DHR.

It has been a long slow process, but worth every minute of it. Difficult to believe it is nearly finished, it has been part of life for so long.

I really look forward to seeing you on our forum.


The forum rules state that your first post must contain your KUID number. What if you're not a developer and have none?
All registered users have a KUID number.

The forum rules state that your first post must contain your KUID number. What if you're not a developer and have none?

All registered users have a KUID number. Click on the PROFILE button at the top of this screen and then choose User ID to see your user-ID/KUID.


Everyone is allocated a KUID number when they register. The user name is their selection but the KUID is automatic. It is your Trainz identity

What is yours? Mine is 44700. CMP checks who you are by this number, the forum and DLS do the same. Like an American Express card, you can't get by without one.

Someone without a KUID is using an unregistered copy, not necessarily a pirated copy, but we have no way of knowing and will not support any person without a KUID.


Ah, yes, of course. I didn't even think to look for this feature. Mine is 378332.
I'll register soon, thank you.

[EDIT] Registered and good to go.
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Oh wow you guys are now in Beta stage? This is great news, I was not expecting the route to emerge anytime soon due to the massive amount of custom content that had to be made..
Great to hear this project is almost finished. I understand from other threads on this forum how much work has gone into it.

Looking at the list of the members involved is very impressive.

I can not wait to start downloading the content and then setting things up ready for the layout.

Congratulations to all involved.

Ok, I've signed up, but I can't confirm my KUID at the moment...... I belive its 29995.


EDIT:nevermind, its 299295.
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Bump! This thread is too important to let it get lost.

Wouldn't worry too much about that, Jim, I'm certain that word of mouth alone will ensure many members enjoy the results of your team's hard work and determination.


This has been an enthusiastically anticipated project, and I won't be the only one scheduling it into the itinerary right now.


Many thanks to all those who contributed!

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