The 16mm Railroad Movies of John M. Prophet III --- PRR, NYC, ERIE, DL&W, etc.


Trainzing since 12-2003

John Prophet III captured the trackside videos of the PRR, ERIE, NYC, and other railroads in 1930s to late 1950s on 16 mm film. These are silent films, but John is interviewed and explains what is going on in these amazing videos. There are videos here of trains racing along mainlines with water scoops out scooping water on the fly as they move along at track speed. John was an expert on the Horseshoe Curve and has a large number of videos of that portion of the curve including some videos out the back of a train.

Amazing stuff!
I was totally fascinated by these videos when I watched them. In some ways I feel sad thinking back to how the railroads were back then compared to the hollowed-out shell we have today.

The activity around Tyrone looked like a model railroad the way the trains came in and out of the branch line.