Tane: switching from Driver to Surveyor.uie


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Is there a way to get out of driver mode and make a quick change in Surveyor mode then go back to driver and pick back up where you were? I know I can save and answer all the questions and restart, I just want to make a quick adjustment and then be on my way.
I assume that you want to continue on where you left off with the "quick change" in place in the session/layout - for example a new scenery item (at the simplest level) or a new consist on your train (at the other end of the scale)? That has never been possible in any of the previous versions, for obvious reasons, so I would be surprised if TANE allowed it now.
Thanks pware,

I didn't think it was possible but it never hurts to ask. It is a feature in another sim, but that's a different animal.