Switching Between Surveyor and Driver Question


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When I place signals at set distances, I use a train that measures that distance. So, I place signal in S2, switch to Driver, move the train to the next spot, switch to S2, and repeat until my eyes blur or all the signals get placed in that section.

My question is if there's a way to set up S2 so the asset list shows the correct picklist? I have tried several things without success.
I do not understand how those two statements are related, but anyway.

I assume that you know how to set up a picklist (I have 42 of them listed in the Assets Palette not counting the Default). When you open Surveyor in S2 the Assets Palette will always automatically show all the installed Ground Textures by default. I do not believe that this can be changed to automatically show another list by default.

I do not know which "several things" you have tried without success so the following may not be of any use to you.

To show an installed picklist you must manually switch the display from Ground Textures (or whatever you have subsequently set as the Asset Palette selection) to the required picklist. This will remain in the display until you change it or exit Trainz.

Further information can be found on the Trainz Wiki at How to Manage Filters and Picklists