Switch Stand Alignment


The North Bank Route
TS12:I have aquestion regarding a switch stand alignment. Is the arrangement in the photo below correct?

In the near foreground is the switch in question. The track with the train is a siding. The track to the right is the main. The track to the left of the train comes from the yard ladder and provides EB trains (moving from bottom to top) a route into the stub ended yard.

The siding has a slightly higher priority than the yard track and is normally aligned for the siding, but in the mind's eye it seems confusing to show the diverging track as green.


When you place a switch stand lever you place it by looking straight down from above, either by touching the left, or right rail, with the mouse (it does matter, as both rails are different).

If tracks are laid all in one running direction, the switch stands will show up differently in their display, if you reverse the track laying direction of the track.

You can also flip a switch stand to either the R, or L, side ... or change it's red/green arrow direction
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Thank you everyone, it will be changed.

Thanks Justin, I thought that was the case. It's just my evil eye playing tricks on me.