Switch difficulty


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What would cause a switch to work backwards? I have tried replacing the switch lever, changing out the track in the area, etc., but nothing seems to work. The green arrow shows left and the loco goes right (and vice versa) Anyone??
That is a common issue when placing junctions in a curve, as the linked messages mention. Always straighten the trailing leg leading into a junction, the lower leg of the Y. Make sure the two upper legs, the through and diverging tracks, are not straightened. If two facing or two trailing junctions are in a row, always place a spline joint between them so that two straightened sections of track are not directly connected. Two non-straightened sections or a straightened and a non-straightened can be connected without any issues.
Very interesting...don't understand it...but it worked! I just shortened the distance of the turnout and that fixed it.

Thanks, for the quick response.
Basically what happens is that you think you have connected a right hand switch from the right hand side but in fact due to the curvature it has in fact connected from the left hand side even though you can't see it. Hence a reversed switch.