Surveyor 2 Question(s)


I've gave Surveyor 2 a go, and I am interested in the "working with others", but I can't find any information as to where other users routes are, how to connect to them, or how to share my own route so that a group can work together on a route.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

You can find other users routes that are designed to be shared with others - they are called MPS (MultiPlayer Surveyor) - in the Surveyor main route loading screen.

Go to the Routes drop down menu on that screen and select Multiplayer. Alternatively, all MPS routes have a purple-blue colour coded strip across the top of their thumbnails at the bottom of that screen so you can scroll along the strip to find them. Once selected, load one as you would any route.

Sharing your own route is more complex as there are restrictions on what assets can be used and the MPS is for routes only, not sessions.

There is some information on sharing your route at:- - in the Content Packages Palette in Surveyor 2.0

Note that MPS is not currently part of the latest Trainz+ beta version (but should/will be back in the retail update when it is released).
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Thanks pware, I wondered why it couldn't load UTM files and some other content. I'll wait until it of more use.