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I downloaded "Angelah" Overhills & Faraway route. A few missing kuids, I tried Kuid finder link but all sites offered were in eastern Europe !! So the missing are kuid:71619:22115 = (grass)
kuid:71619:22201 / 03 / 06 / 10 = (shrubs) Kuid:71619:22291 / 92 / 93 = (shrubberies) I know this is asking a bit much but if some nice person could offer suggested kuid altenatives I would be most grateful. JohnMac
Malc thanks for that, my actual kuid numbers were not there. But I can change in config file and see the result!! thanks again JohnMac
Malc Really big thanks, when I installed the cdp file there was actually 7 of the 8 missing kuids. So only have to change 1 x grass if it looks wrong plenty of choice left in that cdp. JohnMac