Starting with multiplayer


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I would like to try my hand at hosting a multiplayer session. I have a few questions before I try it.

Can someone with TANE play with a TRS2019 hosted session?

I would like to start with a simple route that is minimal on the download side until I get the feel for what multiplayer is like. Which one would you guys recommend?

I have a purchased copy of TRS2019 and TrainZ A New Era. I also have TRS2019 loaded on two laptops, (both mine. one for work and I play with it during lunch). Will Trainz allow me to host a session on one and join the hosted session with the other?

I'll end up buying another copy of Trainz when the time comes, but just for testing, is this possible?
Hi Pequeajim
Multiplayer sessions can only be joined using the same release version as the game is hosted in.

So if you are using TRS19 SP1 to host, then other players will need to be using TRS19 SP1 to join the session. You can join 'across' different builds of the same release version (ie TRS19 SP1 on Steam is compatible with the TRS19 SP1 versions from the Trainz Store), but not between different release versions (ie TRS19 SP1 cannot join sessions hosted in TRS19 SP2).

At the current time you would only be able to join one session once, so you would need a separate account with a registered version of Trainz to be able to join a session you are also hosting.