Stability and Change


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A contrast - we are modeling an industry that is built on stability and continuity.
But out modeling tools are constantly changing, not due to the subject's change but in an attempt to be "relevant". Many month's ago I was satisfied with the program. Being of advanced age I welcomed the stability of the program. Continuity and stability meant I could use Trainz as a hobby and for relaxation.

The market became aware of the new features in personal computers and software. The position on Trainz was questioned. When were we going to get this graphic thing or another graphic thing. The news was ripe with the visual evolution and the software that created the new visual world. That shifted the gaming market. Games of violence became " as real as it gets". Game shops flirted on the edges of the moral compas as they gave us blood, gore and sex in a reality that was astounding and could prompt legislation.

Where was old N3v. Thay changed their naming from simulator to game a few years ago in an attempt to get some of that market. But sadly they were saddled with both a process and a subject that was not getting market attention. So the investment was made to integrate new graphics tools into the game and still retain the base system for those who choose to not learn complex graphics.