South Shore EMU

Landrvr1 made a set of the old orange 'n brown ones and a set of thesilver 'n orange ones. they are only available via email. search here at the forums for "landrvr1" there is a thread with people who have 'em. ask there (you'll need to give someone your email)

Hey guys, how can I get in on this? :wave: I've been searching everywhere for EMUs and can't find any :eek:

Would it be OK to relpace the following bogeys? 104609:1167 I can't seem to locate them online. :mop:

mikey186:wave: i tried out your Interurban set it's like the old Red and Green one, but silver. It's pretty good, like a mini acela;)
Here you go Download and install what you want....

If that link doesn't work(for some people it hasn't)

And enter the 3 letters to the upper right of the screen in the text box then submit and wait the 45 seconds or whatever then the Download will begin...
Note: this is a last resort site :p
is it supposed to be