South African Railway drawing's


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Hi everyone.

these drawing's are for South African steam engine's and rolling stock and so on.

I am just posting this up just to let everyone know that this web site is closing down. You can get all the drawing's of all steam engine's and so on from. but please note these are proper work's drawing. all the details and so on. this is the only place you can get these sort of drawing for these engines.
The full set of drawings being offered is quite tempting, but £63 is quite expensive to pay for drawings in one go...
yeah. Well me and some other people are buying them in. but think of it this way. miniature railway set of drawing's witch go for £20 to £450 pound for one set of loco drawing. there are over at least 80 engines in this. but not only that. they normal go for $20 each at about 12 or 13 pound. so that quickly add's up when you want the hole lot. but at least you know i have them. ;-)