Small Routes??


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Hi folks

I had a virus last week that destroyed my 512mb RAM stick, I've been left with a miserly 256mb. I can run Trainz, but I can only drive on the older routes like British Midland, Higland Valley and Outback Australia.

I tried loading in the built-in Razorback route, but it just about killed me PC.:(

Anyhow, I want some idea as to what is available on the DS that is equal to the routes I outlined earlier. Smallish routes that will not have any real trouble running on 256mb RAM. Probably no bigger than say 15 baseboards, looped or A to B.

Thanks folks.:)
If you like switching I did a couple of tiny single-board routes (merge-able) a while back. They were built on a machine with only 256mb ram, so they should run OK :)

Click my green ticket. Oh, that's right - search the DLS for 'Southside' in title and they will show up.

Andy :)
Downloading them both, I'll merge them together like you suggested in the description of the routes. Thanks Dermmy.:)
I have a similar problem when I load a long route like the BNSF route the computer act sluggish.
If you like NG

How about slugmasters Logging layot, Clear lake, one board and lots of fun.

My other suggestion is try some of the layots with default items only, one thing I did notice when i was only using the Video card built on the mother board and 256Mb ram is lots of water animation used to upset it, so try setting them to still water as well or try layots with little or no Auran water like the ones that use textured rivers.

There is some quite nice layots that ere built with the default items only.

All I can say is good luck