Silent Track- How do you Disable the Clickety Clack Sound In An Airplane Config File?


Hi all, just wondering if someone could advise on how & where you add in a command line which apparently disables the rail/clickety clack sound in a config file for vehicles/aircraft etc. I want to be able to specify on certain objects to turn this off, ie I dont want to turn off the rail sound for everything else in Trainz 06.

The Following is the command line, just not sure as to where in the config file it is meant to go, also not sure if you need to have the Hypens in it? Any Help with this much appreciated!!

Command Line:

disable-extra-track-sounds 1

The following is the config file for the Boeing 727, where would you place the command line?

kuid "<kuid2:152080:20541:0>"
obsolete-table {
bogey <kuid:-10:149>
interior "<kuid2:152080:20542:0>"
enginesound "<kuid2:152080:20543:0>"
enginespec <kuid:-1:42004229>
hornsound <kuid:-1:42003102>
mesh-table {
default {
mesh "boeing727_body/"
auto-create 1
effects {
0 {
kind "corona"
att "a.corona0"
texture-kuid <kuid:-3:10111>
frequency 0.5
directional 0
object-size 0.1
1 {
kind "corona"
att "a.corona1"
texture-kuid <kuid:-3:10112>
frequency 0.5
directional 0
object-size 0.1
2 {
kind "corona"
att "a.corona2"
texture-kuid <kuid:-3:10110>
frequency 0.5
directional 0
object-size 0.1
asset-filename "boeing727"
name "Boeing 727"
trainz-build 2
kind "traincar"
category-class "AG"
category-region-0 "US"
category-era-0 1960
category-era-1 1970
category-era-2 1980
category-era-3 1990
category-era-4 2000
origin "USA"
company "Boeing"
engine 1
mass 1000
fonts 0
light_color 255,255,255
description "The 727 short to medium range trijet is the world's second most successful jet airliner built. Initial design studies began in 1956.
The prototype 727 first flew on February 9 1963. Development of the initial 727-100 resulted in a small family of sub variants, including higher gross weight options for the basic passenger carrying 727.
Production of the 727 extended from the early 1960s to August 1984 - 1,831 were delivered.
727-100 Wing span 32.92m (108ft 0in), length 40.59m (133ft 2in), height 10.36m (34ft 0in). Wing area 157.9m2 (1700sq ft). Empty equipped 36,560kg (80,602lb), max takeoff 72,570kg (160,000lb).
Max speed 1017km/h (549kt), max cruising speed 960km/h (518kt), economical cruising speed 917km/h (495kt). Range with max payload 5000km (2700nm)."
username "Boeing 727"
author "MINITRIX"
organisation "-"
contact-email ""
kuid-table {
0 "<kuid2:152080:20542:0>"
1 "<kuid2:152080:20543:0>"
2 <kuid:-10:149>
3 <kuid:-1:42004229>
4 <kuid:-1:42003102>
5 <kuid:-3:10111>
6 <kuid:-3:10112>
7 <kuid:-3:10110>
Page 336 of the CCG2006 just shows in ahead of the engine file, but order is probably not import. Yes you need the hyphens.
Will this config tag work for TRS2004?


No , but it is possible to have a silent loco ( boat, plane , whatever ) in TRS2004 by fooling the program in using an empty enginespec ( just the kuid, trainz-build , asset-filename and kind ), nothing else.
The consequence is that there is also no enginesound , but the horn works.
Hi Norm, thanks for your advice, put the command line in my config files exactly as it appeared in the example in CCG, worked like a charm.

Thanks Again :)