Signal Thingy Right (invisible)

It is an invisible signal which can be used like other invisible signals where perhaps a visible signal would be inappropriate but AI needs an extra signal.

There is also a left side of track one.
Most branch lines, industrial tracks, and yards have no signals on the prototype ... and placing visible signals on all of them would be cluttered, and very unprototypical.

Invisible signals can be placed on 90% of your route, to control traffic on these branch lines yard tracks an industrial tracks.

Invisible turnout levers can also be on airplane runways and aerial flyways.

Invisible track speedboards are also handy, where a visible one would be objectionable looking.
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yes, I understood what means invisible signal but "Thingly Right"?

Sorry Engls is not my mother lenguage, some times I have problems to understand some terminology
Thingy just means an object, and is just the name the creator used.

Right refers to the fact that it appears on the right hand side of the track
O.K. I supossed that

But as same a "Track Mark" is for an indicación or a "triger" is to start a process, what is the purpose of this thing right signal?
Ignore the word "Thingy" it is an unnecessary part of the name.

This leaves you with invisible signal. It operates like any other signal in Trainz except it is invisible in Driver and like other invisible signals it is used to help control the progress of AI trains.
A signal "thingy" is an invisible #4 signal. I use them to create an additional block on passing loops. For example, if a consist enters a passing loop and the junction is closed at the other end, the consist will run at one half the posted speed. Adding an invisible signal thingy near the junction creates an additional block, enabling the consist to run at the posted speed, slowing to one half speed after passing the thingy. The purpose of it being invisible is to make it look more prototypical rather than having two #4s close together.