Screenshots of European Trains

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A pair of 141P (PAYWARE locomotives from "vincent" The consist is made up from SNCF passenger rolling stock.
and #12885 tdstead, some mighty fine stuff on the above website



Cheers, evilcrow
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Hello Marc, yes it was from the TRAINZ Portal Gallery using "Copy Image Address" then on this page, the "image icon" on the line above (the one between the paper clip and the smiley face) then "paste". Did you "log in" on the Portal???
I had trouble getting into the Forum the first time "404 etc", the log in page not showing but somehow I seem to have got there in the end.

Thanks for the compliment, nice shot of yours BTW.

Cheers, Ken

Yes I unserstand , but was it necessary to modify this procedure ? Why young developpers think they are forced to break something which has got a good way of working ??? And why is it impossible to come back on the previous thread simply ? Something forgotten ?

Edit: today it works again...

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