Screenshot of The Week: September 18 to September 25 2016 (No Theme)



There is no theme for this week. Please send your theme suggestions for subsequent competitions via email or Skype by clicking on the little icons below my username.

One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the theme and the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.

Submission closes on September 26 at 12:00 noon UTC/GMT/Zulu time.

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Tanygrisiau Reservoir

[I missed the "Reservoir" competition last night by a whisker, so here's the reservoir shot I was preparing now offered for the "No Theme" competition].

A view of Earl of Merioneth II approaching Tanygrisiau Station on the Ffestiniog (Heritage) Railway in North Wales.

Water in the Tanygrisiau Reservoir feeds the hydro-electric power station, partly hidden by a fir tree in this shot.

By the way, the representation of this area of the Ffestiniog Railway is so good in clam1952's TANE route (shown here) that I recognised rock outcrops and houses in common between Google StreetView and the route. Well done, Malc!


Enthusiasts look on as Flying Scotsman storms through Dearnby station, overtaking a short diesel hauled goods train.

This T:ANE screenshot was taken from a cloned TS12 version of Laika's 'Paris (Montparnasse) - Rambouillet' route. I have modified it with a short branch line to the Palace at Versailles.
A BDZ 04 025.3 passenger train leaving Montparnasse for Rambouillet is being quickly overtaken by a HSR Trenitalia ETR610 with a destination Rome.

Cheers, Roy3b3
Hello from France,

Stormy French Britany, with high waves and green water at the atlantic shore.... TrainZ 2009

Cheers, Marc
wow this is really hard. most of them are phenominal. but i have to vote for 21000.... (the guy with the numbers). cool and unique shot.