Screenshot of The Week: October 2 to October 9 2016 (No Theme)

Dearnby Overview

With a busy two track branchline meeting a busy four track mainline, a single track narrow gauge line, wonderfully detailed scenery and even canals, there really is no single screenshot that can do justice to (the fictitious) "DEARNBY: WESTERN REGION: UK 1950's and 2ft Narrow Gauge v1" by neville_hill.

Here is my best shot, however inadequate, at an overview. I may show other aspects of Dearnby later.


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It's okay Pete, all votes will be counted. There are 17 entries for this round so up to 3 votes are allowed. Voting ends 17 October. Pease post your votes below.
Some great shots guys,.. and my votes go to

JackDownUnder,... Not bad for a first effort.

Giraud,... as usual Marc, a beautifully laid out shot,... almost real.

Stevelerro,... well balanced shot with plenty of activity going on.
Steve Lerro for the tiebreaker. Beko has a great shot too but it was down to the asset used which filled most of the composition.
Voting is now closed, thank you all for participating.

6 stevelerro
5 beko
3 giraud
2 jacksonbarno
2 southern1581
2 chris2001trainz2010
1 epoche3bis4
1 perrock
1 peterwise
1 jackdownunder
1 meatloaf747
1 oknotsen