Screenshot of The Week: November 23 to November 30 2014 (Snow)



IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!1! This week's theme is brought to you by Ryan (ryanstrains); Snow. Please send your theme suggestions for subsequent competitions via email or Skype by clicking on the little icons below my username.

One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the theme and the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.

Submission closes on November 30 at
12:00 noon UTC/GMT/Zulu time.

A LE&E F3 snowfighter leads a 500 class Challenger up Onrab pass on a cold December day in 1958. A large winter storm is due later in the day, so the LE&E has put it's converted F3A units on the point of all trains heading over the summit.


Where did you get that steam engine??? Is it a reskin of ANL's Challenger??? Looks nice!!
Mine for the snow is a Baldwin S-12 and the prized Illinois Railway Museum 760 (ex-MILW, F-M HP-16-44) passing the East Troy Electric motor which is delivering some grain to the Farmer's Co-Op in Canadian National Hoppers. The 2 diesels are visiting to plow snow, note the rotary snowplow at the end of their work train returning from a day of plowing out in the country. The two engines are heading for the barn while the electric will switch and drop off its cars at the Co-Op seen at the rear on the right down a spur.

Enjoy all,
Love the fixed trailing boogie on the 152 Generalman! Looks just like the real one except for the minute bell change!
Thank you very much! :wave: The work done to make it look that way was aided by Adam, (simulatortrain), so I want to make sure and include him.
Here's my entry of SNOW!

The first snowfall hits the forest, and Thomas is determined to get his passengers to their destination.
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Ahhh ... NOOO... I'm blinded !

I can't see ... I can't see ... I got my eyes closed !

Should be, schpeelin' correction: "Their" destination...
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Looks nice trainboi1!! First time I've seen you post a pic of modern diesels. Most of the time I see you post pics of old steamers. Cool!!!
A blizzard starts to hit the Hollidaysburg branch at Petersburg Junction ... Looks like a bad one is on the way !


This is real snow in TRS2006 ... Not a retouched photo
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