Screenshot of The Week: March 1 to March 8 2015 (East Coast)



Home to some of America's oldest settlements and railroads threading their way through lush forests, picturesque villages, the Big Apple, Big Dig, and Grand Central. This week's theme is East Coast. Please send your theme suggestions for subsequent competitions via email or Skype by clicking on the little icons below my username.

One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the theme and the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.
Submission closes on March 9 at
12:00 noon UTC/GMT/Zulu time.

614 pounds across the B&Os Thomas Viaduct just outside of Baltimore headed for Harpers Ferry, WV

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Wrong Island RR Commuter returns to Wrong Island


I'm having a little fun, here. I live on Long Island, USA. a 120 mile long fish shaped island that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, with the head of the fish connected to New York City. There is a commuter RR called the Long Island RR that brings huge throngs of passengers into the city to work, 5 days a week. Rarely are they on time. And they are frequently called "The Wrong Island RR." So I have made this commuter line to be the East Coast adjunct of my fictitious Wolf Hill & Western RR.
Great screenshots folks. The competition is fierce :)

Okay this is:
The Da crossing the Mohaka Viaduct on an excursion. The viaduct is situated between Napier and Gisborne, on the east coast of New Zealand.

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August 11, 1976: Conrail Pig Train With newly patched EL & LV Units Runs Through Standard12 By oknotsen. Sorry for poor reskin. I Had To Try! and sorry for wrong image order
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John, please pick an image before submission closes otherwise the first one will be considered your entry for this week.
The date is October 6, 1970, Southern's Ks 722 is piloting TVRM's 4501 on the return from a trip to Savannah, GA. The matched green pair are seen crossing a bridge over the inner coastal coming into Charleston for the NRHS Convention where the duo will meet 750 and 630.

Enjoy the actual picture

The original picture I planned of 4501 hauling a mainline excursion through Georgia with TVRM's train wouldn't cooperate.

Have fun reliving the days of the early Southern Steam Program yet again.
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My shot for the week is TVRM's 4501 leading a trip to Summerville through the Eastern Appalachians from Tennessee to Georgia. The 2594 is behind 4501 since the 98 Eden Isle is not on the train with its platform there (that is true operating practice, diesel if there isn't a 1st class on either end).

Enjoy the picture


Jacob (Saturnr),

We have a description, but no picture!