Screenshot of The Week: July 12 to July 19 2015 (Speed)



Your train left the station 2 hours late, was held up at a jammed switch for another 1, and is now being let out of the hole after waiting for a lowly freight to pass. What you need now, then, is some speed. This week's theme is Speed. Please send your theme suggestions for subsequent competitions via email or Skype by clicking on the little icons below my username.

One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the theme and the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.
Submission closes on July 19 at
12:00 mn UTC/GMT/Zulu time.
Please note that beginning this week there will be a slight shift in the cutoff; it is now 12 hours earlier at UTC midnight instead of midday.
Also, after consideration of received feedback, it is now a requirement for all users who enter to have at least 1 registered Trainz version.

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After replacing some failed E-units on a crack passenger train, PRR T-1 #5540 Roars past a signal tower at a scorching 145MPH trying to make up for lost time.

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Mister Roger's Trolley rushes to the rescue with the Breakdown Crane.
Hello, this is my proposition:

28 march 1955 : world speed record at 331 km/h (SNCF CC 7107 with four coaches) Sixty years ago, the actual speed of TGV every day !!!!

Best "souvenirs" from France, "Marcoluiggi.papytrainz"
As seen through a farmers eyes while moving his sheep on that eventful day of July 3rd 1938 at milepost 90 1/4. Little did he know what he was witnessing, or know that driver Joseph Duddington, with his fireman Thomas Bray, and inspector Sid Jenkins on the footplate were about to make history.

Sorry Stu, I just could not resist putting a BR Duchess at more or less the same spot on my Revised Rosworth Vale (WIP). Am I forgiven?



Stu, I think we are only allowed one shot per week in the competition, leave the Coronation Scot. If I had raised your bid with the King, it would have been with a couple of Jubilees or Patriots double heading. So a pair beats a King any day... ;)

I see you have your Rosworth on the DLS, I keep trying to get mine there, but each time I do, I find something else to work on. Wonderful original layout though, been around for a long time now.


A PPR blasts from a smoke filled tunnel heading for Somewhere.

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Under stormy skies, two aging Canadian Pacific 4-6-0s (the D4g #492 of 1914 and D10h #999 of 1912) hustle a secondary passenger train through the rain in hopes of reaching the station before it turns into a severe storm. Note the head end cars leaning into the curve as this train rocks and rolls past a coal pile well above normal speed.

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Submissions are now closed. There are 14 entries for this round so up to 3 votes are allowed. Voting will be from now until July 26, 1200nn UTC. Please post your votes below.
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