Screenshot of The Week: January 2 to January 9 2023 (No Theme)

Great Northern Grandberry #290 "Thunderchild" dashes across the morning fields.

Hello from france in spring weather , happy year 2023 in Trainz !!!

A 141 R steam engine heading a short coal train near a small round house :


Picture taken on Zimowisko route from TT19 - Kisiu13 a bit modified in this place...
Very friendly, Marc

Amazing the same railways ran both of these trains: The all sleeper, express, standard gauge Southern Aurora roars past us at 70mph on its way to Sydney about an hour out of Melbourne, while we’re stuck in a 40mph, broad gauge loaded grain train with 4 wheelers and no dynamic brakes on any loco..
In the distance we see the Apex quarry, still used to this day, and the signaller has rung ahead to let us know there’s a train waiting to go into the quarry once we clear the section. Nothing we can do about our abysmal section times though… Summer 1980.

UP ZG2LT rolls westbound through Floriston, CA in some of the last light of the day, at least as far as the river bottoms of the mountains are concerned.

String of Pennsy empties passes thru Reedsville on the Milroy Secondary while a Kish Valley train waits.
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