Screenshot of The Week: February 6 to February 13 2023 (No Theme)

My vote: Skaning

A pity that there's only one vote as there's one or two others I wouldn't have minded voting for.
Gee it is getting tougher. A lot of very good entries and, for me, it came down to just 3 all equally deserving.

Simply for the lighting catching the mood of "gloomy but merry" old England my vote goes to KotangaGirl.
Agree, very high quality submissions. As lovely as the Kotangagirl and deadpoolmx55 screenshots are, my vote goes to mnrr just for the atmosphere and the nicely done dilapidation.
I would like to say thank you to those who voted for my 'Mold & Denbigh branch, Star Crossing Halt 1951' screenshot and I'd like to congratulate mnrr as well for earning a such a good result with his own excellent screenshot.