Screenshot of The Week: December 28 to January 4 2016 (Year In Review)



Once a year, we look back upon how we've spent the last 8760 hours of our lives; might be happy, might be sad, might've broken a knuckle or two. As the year draws to a close but before everyone turns the last page of this chapter, show us your most memorable picture or one that best sums up your year. This week's theme is Year In Review. Please send your theme suggestions for subsequent competitions via email or Skype by clicking on the little icons below my username.

One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the theme and the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.

Submission closes on January 4 at
12:00 noon UTC/GMT/Zulu time.



Scene from a work in progress called the 'Copperhead Road'. An East bound train from the copper facility on the route, x's with a West bound grain manifest.
Fictional route loosely based on the roads, typography, found in Oregon, and Idaho, USA.

This, I think, is the best indication of this year's progress. A few of the pieces held in this photo:

Ben Neal's newest stock, including his Fowler clone boxcars and his and my stock cars.
Locomotives carrying authentic Baldwin nameplates
Standard style 291 livery made using experience and new references
Newest work on Russian Iron jacket
Details matched for new fictional road, the Washoe Valley Railway(see here for detailed history)
Standardized Baldwin parts used including realistic full-detail builder's plates, cab controls, reversing linkage and post-1890s Baldwin tender truck
Custom-design 3-axle tender trucks :cool:

So it goes, and enjoy. I think this is the closest I can come to competing for this week.
Thank you TZIT and the TZIT Dream Team!

Though I mostly stick to mountain routes and routes in the US, here is a screenshot from fictional Due Golfi Beta by TZIT's UP844/Pendolino and in this session I am using the new Shane Turner weather rule.
I really enjoy helping beta test for TZIT, setting up my own sessions, and, when not in cab mode, sometimes I just enjoy watching the trains roll by and try to take a few decent screenshots...

Happy New Year to all: I hope that 2016 is blessed for Trainzers everywhere! :wave:

Ciao, Cheers, Best Regards and Happy Trainzing to all!
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