Screenshot of The Week: April 26 to May 3 2015 (No Theme)



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Minneapolis - Superliners with air line issues have caused an Auto Train consist (sans auto racks) to operate west as the Capitol Limited. In Pittsburg, they picked up a P32-BWH #514 for the run to Chicago. On July 26 in Chicago, it continued even further west as the Empire Builder. It is seen here in Minnesota, after dropping the P32-BWH in MSP. The consist will return on July 29th. Operating back as the Capitol, then being ferried to Lorton, along with 6 auto racks, and the view liner diner, on the morning of August 2nd. Amtrak says that the Superliner equipment with air line issues will be fixed soon, and they will temporarily shorten Chief and Capitol consists.
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Here is a small piece of the new section of my Wolf Hill and Western RR. I am still working on a cattle train that picks up livestock at a Feedlot (which had arrived from a nearby cattle ranch). The cattle are then delivered to the Armour Meat processing plant, down the line. I love the animation and cow sounds when the cattle are loaded and unloaded.

Actually, if you inspect a bit closer, I'm not so sure it's the same bridge...note the absence of trees around the end of the bridge as opposed to yours. Also there's no road in mine.

But anyway as judahGrice pointed out, it is a built-in route so we all can use it.

Was it taken just out of Avery?