Scammer warning to all. Please Read


Purveyor of the Forgotten
I was informed earlier this evening there is a scammer going around talking to people claiming he is working with me on a C40-8M project.

This guy is contacting people on Facebook.... He is going by the name Fra Cant, here is his page:

His Name is Rocco Mico from Messina, Italy and has engaged in Paypal Scamming before in the Trainz community.

The Erecting Hall nor myself are associated with this individual. Do not deal with him as he is a liar and a thief. Be warned.

Not falling for it ... no sir ... not one bit ... I usually send my excess money to obvious scams in 3rd world countries on the Ivory Coast, via Green Card, when they notify me that: "This is the power company, and we are going to shut off your electricity, if you don't pay up" ... or: "This is officer so and so, from IRS, pay up" ! (the word "IRS" is not a singular word, and they do not have officers)
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