RRMods stuff [screenshots/reskins]


@Forester1,No it's just a redo of HP trainz 'Marais Pass Approach' an old freeware map from the TRS 06 days.
I've basically striped it down to the track work and replaced a lot of item's to give it a more modern look,I may release it one day,butt it's not high on my list of other projects I'm working on at the moment.


Cheers Mick.:)
Well they used to look nice when they were clean, now look at them, Oily, Dirty, Oh my do they need some TLC>

In retrospect, it takes special talent to make them so realistically dirty, Job well done. Think I need to go buy me some just like this so I can take them to Loco Wash Shop on one of my Routes. ;)

Heavily Weathered at it's Based Kudos to RRMods !

Thank you for sharing.