RRMods.ca is LIVE and SALE


RRMods.ca is back up after some unexpected server issues. We thank everyone for their patience. End of summer Sale is now ON at RRMods.ca for 30% off. Use coupon code endofsum for 30% percentage discount at checkout.

Sale ends midnight Wednesday the 14th of September


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Adam, the site loads really slow for me, and the images don't load, however it works just fine on mobile. What's up? I have great internet so I don't see why there should be an issue. Thanks!
Paypal isn't working with the site. When I go to checkout it says invoice has been paid, but RRMods CA says the order was canceled.
I seem to be having the same issue PayPal is saying the purchase has already been completed. But when you return to your website the purchases have not been made

Okay thanks for the heads up, think i figured out the issue. Hopefully be working by tonight
Yes all the Dash 9s have working wipers. With the controls working inside the cab and you can turn them on from the outside in the properties menu. Also they work on the NW SD40-2 as well

Have the wipers been tested on RailDriver yet? That's why I'm asking. I would love to be able to have that wiper button work with the RailDriver on at least one loco, probably will buy a Dash 9 and a SD40-2
The paypal issue should be resolved everyone. As for RailDriver, i dont personally use it so i cant guarantee that