[RESOLVED] 2 Errors: Invisible Ground, Seemingly Faulty Engines

Hi all,

Like it says, I just opened several maps in TRS19 and the ground is completely invisible... in addition, it looks like a number of assets I had placed are either invisible or just don't exist.

And, in further addition, I have a number of engines in the list that the game is claiming are faulty, while Content Manager shows them as being perfectly fine.

Screenshots aren't able to post for some reason so here are links to them:

Anyone have a clue what's causing either of these problems? Thanks!
So it looks like several of the PBR textures (the ones I regularly use, my luck being the way it is) are now faulty, so I can at least trace that to something and view any errors in CM.

As for the locos, clearly that's a tougher solution for the time being.
Errors seem to be largely on built-in content, and it happened out of nowhere. Suddenly, a large amount of built-in content has the classic error list of "____.texture.txt is missing" (before anyone suggests stripping the textures in Images2TGA, that function hasn't worked for me for years now unfortunately).

For at least a temp solution, I may just swap out the textures that don't work for ones that do.
Posting another update. After manually saving the textures of all the faulty items as targa files and submitting edits, it seemed to not only restore all the faulty items, but the locos that were deemed faulty are magically working again. More than likely, I'm done with updates to this thread, but luckily what started as a frustrating afternoon ended as a laid back night of TRS.