replacement bridge needed for ipswich qld station area


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hi mates

i'm having untold dramas with 4 bridges in the ipswich area.
the traffic buries their wheels in the bridge and the road shows through underneath. see screenshots at bottom

i have tried 4 other bridges, but they do not look like what i need to keep it looking authentic

any help would be greatly appreciated


this is the type of bridge i am looking for

the road showing under the bridge

the wheels being buried


You can disable the traffic on that bridge asset and put your own road over the top of it. The vehicles will then use your road, that you put on top carefully and not attached to the bridge, instead of the on that's part of the bridge.

You could also try editing, cloning the asset first, and switching out the road with a more suitable one if you can find one that you like.

hi john
i tried to put my own road over it after replacing the road part didn't work, but the wheels were still buried.

i will keep looking for better suited bridge,
i just can't seem to find any

thanks for the help