Recent Server Down Time


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Over the past week we have experienced a number of technical issues in our data center in the US. This ultimately resulted in a hardware failure in the data center on Monday Sept 5 (AEST) that lasted several hours (luckily at off-peak times).

This failure caused a break in connectivity with all FCT, DLS and MyTrainz servers as well taking the main database offline which resulted in our forums going down.

We would like to apologize to any users affected and even though this downtime was beyond our control, we would like to offer all users affected by the outage a complimentary 48 hour First Class Ticket.

We will therefore be issuing this special FCT to all registered Trainz owners once we have monitored the new hardware and ensured there will not be a repeat of the outage. We will advise users when their FCT will be available for activation (which we expect to be in the next day or so).

Thank you for your patience and understanding