Railfanning St. Louis--A ledzeppelinfan1 Video Diary


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Hello, everybody. This is something I've been wanting to do for a really long time, but only just recently have finally decided to pull the trigger on it and go for it.

Probably my favorite thing about this hobby, whether it be v-scale or actual model railroading, is that this hobby is all about whatever the user or modeler prefers without any necessary concern over the opinions of others.

If you were to ask the Trainz Community what they enjoy with Trainz, you would get a myriad of different reasons and preferences. Everyone is unique to some degree and likes things their own way.

So, that having been said, this is how I do my Trainzing...

Using several different routes that tickle my fancy for urban railroading, I set them in my mind to be a blend of varying different areas of St. Louis County and the surrounding areas.

These routes I use are Shortline Railroad, NS Yard Module, East Coast Railroad, Season Town, and Nebraska Fall Harvest.

Shortline Railroad represents the Kirkwood area, NS Yard Module represents a fictional yard and its surroundings in the West St. Louis Area, Season Town represents the Earth City area, Nebraska Fall Harvest represents the Afton area, while the East Coast line represents some of the downtown idustrial area as well as other random areas from the region.

I like to run modern trains with believable consists, although the more I watch trains, the more I realize the rules of what I perceive as believable are broken all the the time in real life.

I try to find the most encompassing and well framed angle to get my shot of preference.

I will be posting videos of my work upto this point as I go through my vids and see which one I think are worthy to be seen. Many of my videos were done while I was still learning how to do this and are marked with errors that I think will not be enjoyable to the user.

Anyways, I really hope that you guys enjoy my work and it adds to the community in some small way.

Cheers guys!!!

BE WARNED: If you subscribe to my channel and begin looking through the videos, some of them are not worthy of watching IMO. So please just watch the ones I post here or just cut some slack when something stupid happens in a video never meant for public watching. Over the next couple weeks, Ill probably be deleting a lot of useless content.

Here are the first videos of the Diary!!!